Artist can submit music free w/o charge if you get special invitation from DJ Quartermane himself MUST BE A SUPER FIRE NEXT LEVEL TRACK!!!!

          * Selected Artist must simply send track and all required info via  email below!!! "We Support the Real and Ready"  on Coughfee Shoppe Radio & Coughfee Shoppe MixTapes.   Take advantage!  Then blast that your music is played on Coughfee Shoppe Radio (If not selected by DJ Quartermane or if you or your fans dont shout-out or request , then no Free MixTape Slot Feature ) (You MUST PAY, thats the Rule no Exceptions)

*******How to Request ? Just click Contact Us on the App. In the Menu options or front page displaying the multiple way to contact and request. Another way to get a Possible Free Slot or onDemand Slot is to tag  on all or any social media sites to Coughfee Shoppe Radio via FaceBook, Instagram or (@CoughfeeShoppe via twitter). follow the rules  requirements  to qualify. Good Luck!! Download our Custom App available on all Smart Devices , PCs & Mac , Tablets, Smart Tv's, Andriod & Apple AppStore & More All Free to Access & Listen Giving the Power of Choice Back into the Artist and Listeners Hands!!

Your Music Your Choice Coughfee Shopppe Radio



*****Artist Single:  Media Promo  per mo.">Artist Single:  Media Promo for a month plus Your  Song  appears on 2 MixTapes $100.00 USD

***Advice and Consultation:

Learn and receive coaching tips guaranteed to help you succeed in progressing and YES; Making Money with your music and how to track you music purchases or performances done; and how to get paid for it. Get Constant jewels/info from the Coughfee Shoppe Radios Top Industry Consultants for 1mo. As the y teach you about Target Marketing , Focus Group Marketing, Strategic planning, Execution of Actions, & 3Foot Rule, Taking advantage of the Coughfee Shoppe Radio Platform Vehicle, & finally ; Knowing Your Market!!! We Research and Show Proof before we Advise!!

USD 150.00 

****Artist Media Promo : (onDemand) 3month Selection per song

Artist Music Locked in Station for Life!!! Plus the VIP of having their Song on our App for 60 days in our onDemand feature in our App Ready for the Artist fans to listen w/o having to wait on rotation or having to request. Plays instantly; plus Song is in Library for Life Ready for request in future.

USD  250.00

***Artist Video on Front Page of Website + weekly promo of video for 2mo Back Page Half the Price:

Artist Video will be Added to our front page of & will be Promotedon all our key social sites (Tumblr, FB, Twitter & YouTube)

USD  150.00

******"Artist Video on-web & onDemand Promo Pack" >Artist Video on website, Plus App(Gotta Send Video in Email or DropBox if you want it on the App!!! No YouTube Links No Exceptions otherwise it will only Appear on website)Video is on App & Website for 3Months & Song onDemand Placement on Our Stations App as well; all packaged at  $300.00 USD

****BusinessBlast Promo Social Media Blast:

We promote Your Company & its Products & Services for 4mo. Catch!! Must send pictures/graphics(for us to post on IG, FB, Twitter, & Tumblr) or recorded voice-over of your Add to promote on our social media and/or Live Broadcast

USD  210.00

****DJ Hr MixShow Submission: DJs can promote their mixtapes on Both our Custom Apps

Music must be sent via mp4 or mp3 clean or uncut. mixtape stays with us for life in rotation if consistant with making mixTapes and constantly sending our station mixes of the latest Hottest work. We will give that DJ a Scheduled weekly day and time they will be aired!! 1 in the AM and/or 1 in the PM!!! ** in order to get a block schedule** you must submit 3MixTapes a mo to get slot. We can negotiate time and dates to fit our Schedule needs.  

USD  100.00

***Have Coughfee Shoppe Radio DJ your Party/Special Events Off Air for 5Hrs

If you are in Nashville Tn. and need a DJ for your Special Events off air . Party Event!!! Just let us know the type of music you want for the Event and we will bring the musical experience!! (Birthdays, Graduations, etc.) we bring the equipment for Sound.

USD  350.00

***Have Coughfee Shoppe Radio DJ your Party/Special Events On Air for 3Hrs

Need a DJ for your Special Events on air broadcast, for your Party Event!!! Just let us know the type of music you want for the Event and we will bring the musical experience!! (Birthdays, Graduations, etc.) we bring the equipment for Sound.

USD  500.00




**** The App is on all AppStores and PlayStores & Easy to use Plus free to Download!

Just type Coughfee Shoppe Radio in your Devices AppStore and play it Free and See all the Features!!! Once you pay registration fee; Artist Submit to in the subject line put  Please provide your Twitter Handle or anyother social media info.


  • Our DJs:

  • DJ Quartermane @theReal25mane

  •  DJ Machete @Marrlly

  • DJ Sabo

  *All Songs must be in mp3 and will be screened before broadcast.(for Quality)

HOT!! HOT!!!

Advertising for a business open or Social Gathering!!! We Have Packages for that (Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, Need I say More!!!) Just Email Us you info of Package you want. If its a Social Gathering (Party of Such) Email us info and Genre of Music you want for you crowd if you require a certain Element or Crowd