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About the Shoppe

 Based in: Nashville , TN, United States



"We play what You Want!!" From the Best ThrowBacks , to the Latest Joints!! All FREE to hear!!! 

What We Play?

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/ Hip Hop Compelations, & Funk(olSchool) House/Techno




******WE TAKE REQUEST******

  How to make a Request to our Live Stream? 


  ****Cool we love Request !!!!****

 Just go to your devices AppStore(Apple) or Play Store(Android) :


1. Download Our App:  (Coughfee Shoppe Radio) or  (Coughfee Shoppe MixTapes) 

2. On App you will then click: Request (the Music Note emblem) 

3. Then Fill out Artist name of Song and all the blanks then submit.


4. Our DJ will the receive your request email, and will then notify back that we got request and when it will play Plus a Free Shout-Out. 

  Comment or Vote    

Your opinion Matters!

    **We take the voice of  Listeners and Patreons Seriously.  Its helps us in a number of ways. When you listen to our live stream and you click the thumbs up or thumbs down button  while song is in play that vote is collected and based on the number of votes we receive. This determines if a song should get played more often or less often in daily rotation this info is gathered World Wide from all app users. This is vital for our Station/Artist and DJs, for it helps us let Artist/DJ's who submit music/mix to us, to get a pure (Non-Bias) impact response as to how the song/mix is doing based off App Users  feedback that's given. This means You (App Users) Have the POWER. This helps the DJ/Artist  know how to invest time blood sweat and tears in the right direction; not to mention get a Literal WORLD WIDE RESPONSE from our Audience Around the World Tuned in!!!! No Matter What Part of the World they are in!!!  Now Thats Power!!! Power in Your Hands!!!  SO PUMP or DUMP WHAT YOU HEAR!! YOUR VOTE COUNTS!! 

 Our Stations Scheduled Monthly MixTapes Request

***OnDemand MixTapes by DJ Quartermane and DJ EZ$.******


    When you  hit the music note box and fill it out.  We will look up that song and add your requests to be placed on our Monthly MixTapes/Radio Rotation.  

 ** Coughfee Shoppe Radio Monthly Added MixTapes  (Blend of the Hottest  Classics  & Current Mixes  of RnB, Hip-Hop, Ol'School & Some of the Best Gospel Hip-Hop and the Hottest Up-Coming Artist) Listeners you can Request your favorite Artist!!! 

*** If you do music and want to be heard!!! Download the Application and Register with Us Today ( App and Registration is Free ) !!!

**** Guaranteed (No Vote) Artist Spotlight MixTape Slots or Projects ****


          *Can be purchased via CashApp name below :

                 Cash App to ( $DJQuartermane )

  (Price 50.00 per slot) A Full MixTape Project​ 10 track minimum (300.00)

(Mix will then be placed on in App OnDemand Display/Podcast/ & AirPlay Stream mixtapes can be downloaded free on all podcast platforms affiliated)



*** Free Artist Spotlight MixTape Slots are Awarded by Listeners Votes and Request done via mobile app. 

    (Independent Artist of Any Genre of Music can submit Music for Air Play!! Must Be done by the sending of mp3 in attachment via email through Coughfee Shoppe  Radio or Coughfee Shoppe MixTapes App only.         

    This is located in the "Contact Us" menu (email is located there) Artist must send Picture Cover of Song/Artist, Twitter Name and contact details all in email in order to be approved.)


Any other method outside of given guidelines will be denied; Rules.  Must be an app user in order to request or  have songs submitted Air Play or MixTape Slot Positioning. 



*****Get more Free!!!! Here's the secrete for more promo free. How to Get on  Our MixTapes & get Plays on our OnDemand feature based on: Request of Listeners or Fans; As  they can Comment/VOTE via OUR APP to  PUMP or DUMP as song plays Live World Wide to over 250,000 App Users who listen and vote.


Secret To Win

      "The Secrete to Winning is Easy & Super Simple. Just tell all your friends fans and family to download the new home where your music will be Aired Live and Promoted. the more they listen vote and support the greater the increase of opportunities for your brand. Let Coughfee Shoppe Radio be your headquarters for your Music Campaign. Let us work for you and give you more for your value & experience."  (so the more people that you have download the Coughfee Shoppe Radio App to listen so they can vote and or request your song; the more votes and spins you get and free MixTape Promo Slots Free)



Artist Registration Rules

     5 Steps for Artist Free Content Submissions & Promo for Life:


  1** If your looking for promotions. We do free promotions. The requirements is that you dowload the App Coughfee Shoppe Radio free in any device APP store.

**In the app in the menu under contact us, is the email to submit content be it video or audio content.

 2**  All we ask is that you keep app installed and use the app to watch our video content and listen to the Vast variety of Mixtapes in the app. Mixtapes are added monthly.


 3**  Utilize the app and get others to download the app and support the same way by watching our weekly video updates and listening to our monthly mixes , will grant you free content promotion and submissions for life as long as your ip-address on your phone shows in our systems analytics that you are registered and using the app. Your eligible for free promotional content submissions to be placed on our app and all our social media platforms.

 4** Once ip-address is from your device is no-longer in our data base showing usage the free promo stops and content submissions ends. No exceptions

5** Thats our way of providing free promotions and content placement in our DJs MixTapes, the Apps & our 100+ Partnered Platforms you can find just by Googling: Coughfee Shoppe Radio in google search. Also all our Social Media Platforms for life for FREE UNLIMITED

*** Music will be SCREENED for QUALITY ASSURANCE (Sound Quality)

             Founder of Coughfee Shoppe Radio &  Owner:

                                      Emmond Wills


                     DJ Quartermane ( @theReal25mane )


                           Need A Event DJ !!!!
We also Do :  
Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Family Reunions, Artist Shows or Social Events & More..
WIN A CHANCE to Have Your Event Video Broadcast Recorded to Appear in Our App Free(call for details & pricing)
Download App or call for Details & Package Estimates!!  Just type Coughfee Shoppe Radio in your Device App Search Bar!!!! Its Free!!! 
   Coughfee Shoppe Radio isn't just the place you go to get your music heard. There are many places to go and do that. Coughfee Shoppe Radio is a place that gives Listeners the power of Choice to hear what you want. How?? Downlaod our App and click contact us to make your request of songs to play. Or bring the radio to your location anywhere by requesting the use of our DJ party services Or Broadcast Time rental; (have our DJ Broadcast your Event Live!!) also Artist can submit music to get air play, network, support other artist by voting like or dislike to our songs that play in rotation to see who hits the Top  on our Coughfee Shoppe Radio Billboard Top 10 Choice Charts that we Post Monthly!!!! 
   We promote Independent Businesses as well details on how to recieve our services click Track SignUp, Promo Business and Partys.
   We Support Independent Artist of all Generes of Music . We Pay Royalties to your Prefered PROs(ASCAP, BMI, Etc.). The More Your Song is Requested the more Spins. Promo Packs are Available for Promo purposes !! Find us also on iTunes Internet Radio!!

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